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#1 06.04.2013 07:15:53

VIS wz.12
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Stany Zjednoczone i Polska

Ciekawe doniesienie Polskiego Radia nt. amerykańskich rakiet w Polsce i zniesienia wiz dla Polaków.

At a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Sikorski in Washington, US secretary of state John Kerry said that the US had made “zero concessions” to Russia over the European missile defence shield.

“The United States of America has made zero – zero concessions to Russia with respect to missile defense," Kerry said after talks with Poland's foreign minister.

“There was no discussion with Russia whatsoever about the decision that was made with respect to phase four. There was no discussion with Russia in order to avoid any potential of an accusation of a deal or some agreement or some concession. There was no discussion,” he emphasized.

Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said that, “we are delighted that at last there is a small but capable U.S. presence in Poland, and U.S. F-16s and Polish F-16s are training together. We also will welcome the missile defense site, and all the practical arrangements already being made”.

On the recent vote at a Senate committee on an immigration bill which could finally include Poland in the US visa waiver programme, Kerry said that “President Obama supports the Visa Waiver Program. I support the Visa Waiver personally for Poland. The Administration as a whole is supportive of the language in the legislation on the Hill right now. We hope that legislation will be passed, and we expect that Poland will benefit from the implementation of the Visa Waiver Program.”

“Thank you for your words about the Visa Waiver Program,” Sikorski added.

“It’s become a symbolic but also a practical issue, and I will be delighted if President Obama’s promise to us to fix it by the end of his tenure is fulfilled.”

www.thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/137553,Kerr … fence-plan



#2 06.04.2013 09:55:58

Legendarny Mistrz Forum
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Re: Stany Zjednoczone i Polska

Wizy za rakiety?
Myślę, że znowu Polskę wyrolują sad

That’s all, folks
Przekażmy sobie znak pokoju.
Hasta la vista, Vaya con Dios
Я возвращусь, Ich werde zurück sein, Je reviendrai, Estarei de volta, Θα είμαι πίσω, I červnu se zpět, Leszek vissza, وحقوق عودة



#3 11.10.2013 20:15:59

Niezaprzeczalna Legenda Forum
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Re: Stany Zjednoczone i Polska

"Czy świat bardzo się zmieni , gdy z młodych gniewnych wyrosną starzy , wkurwieni"
                                                                                                       Jonasz Kofta



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