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It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to retire our beloved Forum Detroit. It has served the Polonia Detroit for over 10 years, and was a source of joy for many. However, after many months of inactivity, the time has come to bid it farewell.

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Alpha Neuroscience Institute

http://www.alphaneuroscience.com/neurod … -dla-kogo/

Ponizej detale zaczerpniete ze strony stanu Michigan.


Redaktor lokalnego radia niedawno zapewniał, że wszyscy absolwenci już pracują, dane stanowe tego nie potwierdzają.

2011 Program Enrollment Details
Enrollment data is collected annually and represents the number of student starts, completions and placements for each school between July 1 and June 30 of a particular year. Starts and completions must be reported to the State, however reporting of placements is optional. Because the length of programs may vary from a few days to two or more years, the student completions reported are not necessarily representative of the students that started the program that year.

CIP CODE    PIN    Name                                                                         Starts     Completions    Placements
51.0903    0001    Neurodiagnostic Technology - EEG & Nerve Conduction Studies    10          0                           3
51.0903    0002    Neurodiagnostic Technology - Intraoperative Monitoring            16          0                       0
51.0999    0003    Polysomnography Technology                                              4          0                       0

That’s all, folks
Przekażmy sobie znak pokoju.
Hasta la vista, Vaya con Dios
Я возвращусь, Ich werde zurück sein, Je reviendrai, Estarei de volta, Θα είμαι πίσω, I červnu se zpět, Leszek vissza, وحقوق عودة



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