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POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble, DETROIT USA

Passing on something I received......

Dear Friends of POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble:

POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble is one of metropolitan Detroit’s few Polish folk dancing groups that directly appeals to young adults.  POLANIE, run under the auspices of Polish National Alliance Lodge 2525, a 503(c) non-profit organization, provides “graduates” of area Polish dancing schools an opportunity to continue their love and appreciation for Polish folk dancing and traditions.  In 2011, POLANIE will celebrate its 15th Anniversary.  Over the past 15 years POLANIE has traveled five times to the World Festival of Polish Folk Dancing in Rzeszow, Poland; performed at festivals and cultural events throughout Detroit’s metropolitan area; and, was featured at the film’s premiere of “Our Polish Story,” a heartfelt documentary on Detroit’s Polonia.  Many of our dancers are also members of various Polonian organizations: Friends of Polish Art, Polish American Congress, Polish National Alliance, Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, Polish Scouting Organization (Harcerstwo) and others.

In July 2011, POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble will be traveling to Poland to participate in the XV World Festival of Polish Folk Dancing (XV Swiatowy Festiwal Polonijnych Zespołów Folklorystycznych Rzeszów 2011).  From plane fare and lodging, to costumes and meals, participating in the festival can cost an average of over $3000 per participant.   

To help curb these expenses we are inviting you to sponsor POLANIE as they plan their Road to Rzeszow.  Your financial support will help our young adults visit Poland, some for the very first time, and to participate with other folk groups from around the world.  This truly is a once in a lifetime experience. In 2008 many Polonian organizations and individuals supported POLANIE on their journey to Rzeszow and once again we thank all of you.  These donations allowed POLANIE to purchase authentic, hand-made costumes directly from Poland including Opoczno and Cieszyn costumes.   

We hope that you review the sponsorship opportunities and help POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble on its “Road to Rzeszow” enabling the members to participate and perform at the festival in 2011.

Dziekujemy!  Bóg Zapłać!

With Appreciation,

Christine Kryszko
Director, POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble

POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble
Sponsorship Opportunities*

Bus Sponsor (transportation while in Poland)            $4000.00
Choreographer & Director Sponsor (Plane Fare)        $3000.00
Lodging Sponsor                    $2000.00
Cultural Excursion Sponsor                  $1000.00
Identity Clothing Sponsor                $  750.00       
General Expenses Sponsor                 $ 500.00
Friends of POLANIE Sponsor                    $  100.00
Other                         _______

*Sponsors will be listed in POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble’s concert book and will be listed on t-shirts that will be designed for the dancers. 

On behalf of all the dancers, we sincerely thank you and appreciate your support. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christine Kryszko at 313-581-3181.

Please make checks payable to “POLANIE Song & Dance Ensemble” or, for a tax deductible gift, “Polish National Alliance Lodge 2525” and return to the address below.

Your name: ____________________________________________
Organization name: ______________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
City/State/Zip:  __________________________________________
Email Address:  __________________________________________
Amount of donation: ____________________

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