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It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to retire our beloved Forum Detroit. It has served the Polonia Detroit for over 10 years, and was a source of joy for many. However, after many months of inactivity, the time has come to bid it farewell.

Deepest and warmest thanks to all those who contributed to Forum discussions over the years, either by sharing their thoughts or reading those of others. Your presence and participation served as a building block of this online polish community.

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Podgląd wątku (najnowsze pierwsze)

02.17.2015 08:41:57

Ale dlaczego są zawsze trzy?
Skąd biorą taki "model"?
Może się wzorują? lol
Ale na kim???

02.16.2015 19:00:36

Tak to prawda to samo widziałem na Florydzie nie tak dawno smile

02.16.2015 18:04:36

Gady i płazińce są wszędzie, nawet w "raju" wink


01.24.2015 13:41:19

Fact Checking Obama’s Jobs Claims in State of the Union

President Obama talked at length about jobs, the minimum wage and salaries during his State of the Union speech. Here we look at some of his claims and whether they’re true or not.

01.22.2015 08:36:46

A to ciekawe, 1 na 5 amerykanów (26% mężczyzn i 14% kobiet) ukrywa pieniążki przed małżonkiem.

Myślę, że te statystyki nie dotyczą Polonusów wink
No bo jak ukryć pieniądze przed żoną?
Przecież to pewnie grzech?

01.12.2015 08:36:52

Study: Men Who Post Selfies Show Psychopathic Tendencies

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Men who regularly posted photos of themselves online scored higher on a measure for narcissism and psychopathy.

Zawsze uważałem te ciągłe pisanie na rożnych "bukfejsach" i "ćwierkałach" za formę ekshibicjonizmu a nawet publicznej masturbacji.
Inni doktorzy poparli moja tezę. wink

01.03.2015 00:04:26


Who is to blame for the staggering collapse of the price of oil?  Is it the Saudis?  Is it the United States?  Are Saudi Arabia and the U.S. government working together to hurt Russia?  And if this oil war continues, how far will the price of oil end up falling in 2015?  As you will see below, some analysts believe that it could ultimately go below 20 dollars a barrel.  If we see anything even close to that, the U.S. economy could lose millions of good paying jobs, billions of dollars of energy bonds could default and we could see trillions of dollars of derivatives related to the energy industry implode.  The global financial system is already extremely vulnerable, and purposely causing the price of oil to crash is one of the most deflationary things that you could possibly do.  Whoever is behind this oil war is playing with fire, and by the end of this coming year the entire planet could be dealing with the consequences.

Ever since the price of oil started falling, people have been pointing fingers at the Saudis.  And without a doubt, the Saudis have manipulated the price of oil before in order to achieve geopolitical goals.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Andrew Topf

01.02.2015 23:54:40

What if you don't by health insurance for 2015.? Calculate your penalty for being uninsured.

Affordable Care Act Uninsured Penalty Calculator

01.01.2015 23:54:55


Michigan now has more food stamp recipients than it does public school students, an analysis of federal and state statistics by Breitbart News reveals.

Michigan, which announced on Friday plans to begin drug testing some welfare recipients, currently has 1,679,421 individuals on food stamps (known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP), according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. According to the Michigan Department of Education, the state’s total pupil count for K-12 is 1,564,114.

Michigan’s food stamp program has struggled to combat fraud and abuse. As recently as last week, for example, three brothers pleaded guilty for their roles in a food stamp fraud scheme at the Middle Eastern Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that cost taxpayers $1,278,700.

This year, Michigan’s food stamp program cost taxpayers $2,576,165,148.

12.28.2014 13:21:36

The 100 Year War On Drugs: A Colossal Failure, Waste And Injustice

The War on Drugs is 100 years old today. It kills thousands of people, destroys untold number of lives, and wastes hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Plus it prevents us from using three of the most miraculous plants on the planet, even for their “legitimate” uses.

12.22.2014 01:22:23

Russian Roulette: Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for Trillions in Oil Derivatives

Whatever happened behind closed doors, we the people could again be stuck with the tab. We will continue to be at the mercy of the biggest banks until depository banking is separated from speculative investment banking. Reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act is supported not only by Elizabeth Warren and others on the left but by prominent voices such as David Stockman’s on the right.
Another alternative for protecting our funds from Wall Street gambling can be done at the local level. Our state and local governments can establish publicly-owned banks; and our monies, public and private, can be moved into them.

11.03.2014 10:29:40


The elections tomorrow affect all branches of government, local, state and federal. Please get out and vote. The plethora of issues plaguing this country are too many as we know. Many can be permanently cured but haven't because of political agendas. Tragically for our country the same applies to the poisoning of our food supply and drinking water.

If Monsanto as a company passes by the average American's radar, they likely don't give it a second thought. Corporation, something to do with, uh, agriculture? Farmers, ranchers and Americans who want healthy food are well aware of that corporation and the destruction they've caused not just here in America, but around the world.

Instead of protecting the American people and our food supply, incumbents for sale to the highest bidder in the Outlaw Congress- the ones who will get reelected tomorrow - passed legislation to protect the destroyers. The Monsanto Protection Act is not law since it was signed by a criminal impostor in the White House who usurped the office by fraud. Any member of the Outlaw Congress who voted for that Act should never serve in public office again, it's that egregious:

09.07.2014 23:51:52

Detroit Satanists say they won't sacrifice animals, people

A new religious group aims to bring the devil to Detroit.

The Satanic Temple today marks the launch of its first chapter outside New York. But leaders say they don’t worship Satan. They don’t practice cannibalism, or sacrifice people or animals.

“It’s peaceful,” said Jex Blackmore, 32, local leader and part of the temple’s executive ministry. “The idea of sacrifice specifically is to appease some demon or some god, and that’s a supernatural belief that we don’t subscribe to.”

08.23.2014 08:02:28

Michigan Welcomes Radioactive Fracking Waste Rejected by other States

The Great Lake State might soon need a new nickname now that Michigan has become a dumping ground for radioactive fracking waste produced in other states.

Michigan is now getting waste from drillers in the Marcellus Shale deposits in western Pennsylvania because the waste from their fracking operations can’t be disposed of there. The shipment consists of fluids and sludge that had built up in a storage container. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection received one complaint from a nearby resident about a strong odor emanating from the waste.

A landfill in Wayne County, near Detroit, is one of the few places in the eastern United States with a license to take such waste. As such, drillers and other producers of radioactive materials from nearby states with tougher environmental laws send their waste there.

Anne Woiwode, Michigan director of the Sierra Club, is concerned the waste might seep into the Great Lakes or other waterways. “We’ve got other states deciding they don’t want it, which is why it’s coming here,” she told the Detroit Free Press. “The question isn’t just what kind of waste is coming, but why is waste coming here at all?”

Matt Pitzarella, a spokesman for Range Resources, which produced the waste, told the paper the radioactivity levels in the sludge were “between 40 and 260 microrems per hour” and were not detectable a few feet away. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to 100 microrems over the period of months can cause “changes in blood chemistry, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea and bleeding.”

Kristen Yoder, who lives less than a mile from the landfill, had one question about the waste. “Why can’t they dump it in their own states?” she said, according to the Free Press. “Why here?”

-Steve Straehley

To Learn More:

Drilling Sludge To Be Shipped To Michigan
Michigan Landfill Taking Other States’ Radioactive Fracking Waste
Fracking Truck Sets Off Radiation Alarm at Pennsylvania Landfill

08.22.2014 08:22:23

Map Of Most-Stolen Car Models In Each State Shows Car Thieves Need More Variety

Car thieves in Michigan appear to have a preference for Chevy; more precisely, they loved the 2004 Chevy Impala. Meanwhile, Rhode Island thieves really had a taste for Nissan Maximas… from 1997. And true to Vermont’s image of durable station wagons, the Subaru Legacy (model year 2001) was the most-stolen car in the Green Mountain State.


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